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We deliver eyeglasses to the islands spread on Java Sea, Flores Sea, Banda Sea and to East Timor. Our first deliveries were possible thanks to great help from cpt. Shane Granger and Margaret Macoun from Historic Vessel Vega. While working together we managed to distribute houndreds of reading glasses in these remote places.

Going to remote places

Using boat as our main form of transportation allows us to get to places that are out of reach for other projects and organizations. Indonesia itself is spread over 17000 islands. Main islands like Java or Sumatra are easy to acces and travel around. But there are also tens of small islands which can be reach only by boat. These are the islands that need our help.

Running eye tests and fitting glasses

We run simple eye test using charts or in case of people who can't read, simple trial using needle and thread to determine if glasses are well fitted for each individual.


We provide simple training to local health workers so they can run eye tests in the future. 

Cooperation with others

Whenever possible we are trying to work with local NGOs. With their help we gain insight into local communities and we can target our help better. Important thing, especially in East Timor is transportation over land which can be a tuogh cookie without four wheel drive cars.

    Because we use a boat as the main way of transport we are able to reach the remote islands of Eastern Indonesia, where eyeglasses are normally inaccessible given the distances, cost and sheer logistical problems involved in inter-island travel. We fill the gap and reach them in their communities. Compounding the problems of distance and logistics is the challenge of costs. With average income of two - three dolars a day many people who live in distant Timorese mountain villages as well as remote islands of Indonesia are more concerned with everyday survival than their vision worsening. Simply put, most people just can't afford a pair of glasses under normal circumstances.

Here you can see pictures from our recent deliveries: